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Android market has a new threat Gemini virus as confirmed by Lookout Antivirus Manufactures, the good part is when they have found the virus they would be preparing a anti for that in their next update for sure.
What the virus does as always Trojan footprints its installer blueprint and send it to its Master granting more control over the Handset by asking for more permission and bla bla bla.
Where is the threat from Gemini Virus
Well when you find a patched android you should have found paid otherwise is available for free there is a chance to be infected files within the system. It is a maleware that resemble botnet like capabilities which have the potential to receive commands from remote server and to control the phone,relay IMEI, IMSI,location information to the remote servers
Not to mention the fact that some firms do create virus for creating antivirus and getting advantage of selling there antivirus gain visibility,I don’t have a clue weather this is such a case/
So far Gemini is first of its kind’ and is only said to be affected on third-party application in China mainland, probably India too as for North American it is said to be safe but at internet edge how long….

[Via Mobilized]