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True, if you are after a phone similar to s4 you can get you dream with a few limitation at your end.(image credit Samung)

android jelly beanWell we can say Samsung is steadily increasing the number of Galaxy lineup on the Market. Recently it has found a prototype of galaxy s4 for the budget class, The current Galaxy is equieped with a larger touchscreen of 4.1 oh the people may not be happy with that when they are expecting a 5 inch or more specially when brands like karbon and micromax are flushing their products with 5 inch smartphones at a affordable price of under 5k. So people looking for a change in touch screen may find the other end more attractive. However one should keep in mind that the quality of those smartphone are always in question particularly when lot of development work which makes the whole process more expensive may have same impact weather you mind or not. A small example have you seen any micromax or karbon mobile show their radiation rating on their great selling phones, I never seen any so far, but when you go to Nokia or Samsung they exist because they care or atleast the regulation make them care. So what do you expect from a manufacture who do not give the damn about the user health point of view. Another point some of you may have noticed a pain in chest slight that is when you keep the cellphone in your pocket, yes, this is higher when you are dealing with a cheap phone, so keep all this in mind, price has another side of the story too,
Any way coming back to the point the Galaxy Neo is equipped with  latest Android 4.1 Jelly Beans that is, it is also equipped with 1.2 Ghz speed processor and 1Gb Ram. There is lots of room left for storing apps and games on board without an microsd card. That is a 2Gb storage for you and a support for another 32 Gb
SO what do you think guys does this phone worth a go with a Brand name of samsung, or should we stick to local made in india or china models like Micromax and Karbon to name a few…..