By Raju mukherjee
Those looking at the psp in the gaming point of view there may be reason to reconsider the decision again
Yeah you heard me right I am not joking Playstation portable may way a good viable portable option for gaming but not know not after the recent modification over the psp that the have a less powerfull battery for the good gaming console that cant even run after the 40 percent battery is exhausted. Sincearly this is a bad limit which say that the battery need replacing when such thing happens but it seems the hardware or the software fails to reconize the danger level that need to shut down the system when the sign is 10 percent or low in real case. Truly the real fun of gaming is spilled off right off when you are playing agame and it shut you down right after the battery falls down. The system wants you to plugged in while playing. If that is the case why choose the psp console when portablity is in question. Paying for the hardware and then the original game title cost 15 percent of the hardware and that also there is no battery backup and lots of hardware hicups in between.
There is no option that issue would be solved in the future in some future models atleast not when the playstation 4 is in vicinity within this year. When you want a console that is plugged at the wall socket you can have fun playing ps3 instead even ps2 would do better. The cost of hardware had went up thankfully but not the quality in question. So paying for the same models at a higher price did not make any sense anymore. Now when the backup in question Android simple sets such as Samsung Galaxy Y would do much better job. Thankfully again Android market has developed enough to produce HD quality graphic on your handset if you have better graphic say Amoled screen and ICS with 1 or more gigahertz processor at your side. All this would only cost you say 15grands not more but would give a better backup and other features like portability online play and more which the PSP cant deliver. Yeah Harry potter or Devil may cry may not available for the timebeing on the handsets but when GTA is on the android the turnaround of console to the portable is not far. So when you head to the shop purchasing a psp keep all this point in mind who knows may be you may change your mind.