If you are looking for Good looking for free worpress themes download location look no further, they are shortlisted here for your eyes only
Every one jumping to wordpress and they all want their blog or website to be picture perfect, since premium themes cost money and new blogger who want to save money on this at least for the time being prefer free themes with a few custom link promotion on the footer. 
So We went through the trouble of finding the free Good good looking and found couple of website that were good enough to be promoted
    Malika Favre
  1. Pemiumbloggertempletes.com= This site run by Lasthanasa a fellow indian template developer and have lots of free WordPress and blogger template on their side,so you should check this website first.
  2. Zoomtemplete.com=This site have a lot of Worpress template though not as good as the Premiumblogger templete but good enough to be considered perticulary if you want a light weight template
  3. wptheme4free.com If you like it to be simple then this is the place you not many template but they are simple enough for any server to go by
  4. Bestcssgallery.com great looking wordpress templates all at one place
  5. templatic this site both have free and premium template
  6. Themebase A huge collection of wordpress themes most of them are light weight
  7. more free-blogger-wordpress-template location