Grand theft auto Vice city 
You may not get the San Andreas experience but you not be disappointed either, This game would take you back to 1980 from the Rockstar game. I wonder if this graphic could have been enjoyed on the days of playstation. But only few were good as Final Fantasy or Parasite EVe 2.
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Mortal Combat 4= zero pricwe 390 from gameloft
Zero hours if you have enjoyed takken then you are likely to enjoy this game on smarphone to push your smartphone to the gaming limit.
This is an award winning puzzle apps dive into the digital world of puzzle and start splicing
Viewing and saving article videos and more cannot be better with this apps around. With auto synch function it can used any where on pc or tablet
If you are after gurus what ever field that may be this app brings news from all over the world at one place just under your screen.
Sketchbook ProSketchBook Pro for Tablets paid app
Making drawing on paper may seem dull to you. Get a pro edge with this application no matter where you stand
Fastest Psone emulator around the coner for the handheld
This is mobile friendly apps for xda forum lover, just got around it but i prefer the straight way
With lot of inbuilt powerfull function this app can be fun when reading online library
If you want to share your location safely on email this is the application you should be looking sms on twitter or gmail just need data and gps connection to work on 
Read where to download them other then google play from gprsgeek