You may be wondering when companies like Aircel can go down with five states all of a certain then why not vodafone, IF you remember the original company Hutch sold its share to vodafone to the foreign company. Back a year or two but then when the policy about allotting companies share to foreign origin company came in pic, govt was strict about but late relax, and that is how the company still exist,
 But when the current govt tenure in over this side would certainly get noticed by some political leaders and would raise objection about the whole foreign business reminding us about how british took over India in those day entering India as a business then make the country ruling their whole business.
For the time being users are told to use caution about the deadline 15th Jan to see their operator still extend their service after that or not.
Top suspects are
Tata Indicom
Tata Wiz and Photon Plus
So donot keep your balance high if you are with this companies till 31 Jan
Good luck