You are directly involved.and liable for paying up fines for downloading and distributing content without legal  rights which defines you to do so.
Yep you heard me right the hue and cry is almost everywhere, from companies like Nokia and Apple sueing each other over copying design and features from their signature products. We have seen blocks on website like pirate bay, again on delisting of countless free music domain like more on the line. Now this is not over untill it all boils down to the very users involved in downloading and using pirated content.
A recent raid at finland based nine, year old girls house and confisicating her laptop and grabbing €300 from her by copyright defenders in finnish teritory just because the 9 yr old searched the site and downloaded
A album if her favourite artist from pirate bay, does not make any sense. Why dont catch down the big fish why bother others if you cannot change the vary nature of rules on www which supports distribution of pirated content possible.
The question here is untill there is supplier and takers the game would go on. As we all knew well that thieves.are ahead of cops allways. As a users you have to be smarter and cover
Yourself under proper firewall before exposing yourself to internet.