Supreme court.had allowed stay on rule allowing 200 sms per day to be sent from each sim card subscriber,a rule passed on 17th July by TRAI. Now after the new stay the limit is removed user can send more then 200 sms per day.. We should know that the very purpose of telemarketing is abused for which the rules were implied. Companies without telemarketing registration now sending sms to users i.e individuals and via there members. Further the rule is said to be breach of freedom to speak out.
The rule need to be reformed. I recently received awareness type message confirming sending of bulk message without registration is,a offence if found guilty liable to get disconnection and fine. The companies likely to monitor.numbers sending huge sms in future. So mind what you write and whom you send. One wrong move and you are out of network banned forever.
Companies already charging for sms 5 to 10 paise even you have a sms pack on while insider knew that operators hardly pay anything for sms.. This was once free within a sms pack. We now prefer web based sms instead paying for a monthly gprs pack is much better, as most of the phones are gprs enabled it is not a issue anymore.