If we look around we would see lot of low end smartphone around us while manufacturer like Samsung and htc are at the top end of the line with their line up of Galaxy Y series, Nokia loosing the game trying hard to break ahead. Nokia  trying to get to the market with their Lumia and Asha series, while Lumia is a mid to high range not so budget friendly phone, while the current Asha series has been put together to bring every bit of this and that technology into the pack at a affordable price for the price concious Indians trying to bring design,connectivity and performance all at bring down price. So you can’t get everything here and would not be satisfied with the features included afterall its a low end phone

Nokia asha 302 specification and Price

  • Asha s40(outdated os ) platform
  • Qwery keypad(four rows)
  • 2.4 inch qvga 240×320 display
  • 128 Mb ROM
  • 256 MB RAM
  • FM(STEREO) WITH Recording at 15fps
  • Bluetooth 2.1(outdated)
  • Micro Universal Usb on the Go
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 2Gb card with room for additional 32 GB 
  • Indian Price of Asha 302 is Rs 6250
  • US price is $145

Nokia 301 review

Nokia 301 is a non querty keypad phone with a slightly higher price tag of Rs 8000
it look less sparky though but the broad body tells it all the display unit slightly large and key are uplifted and easily operatable, the Nokia asha is equipped with usual
Bluetooth 2.1,s40 interface,gprs edge, mp3, 2.6 inch display,3.5mm jack, 2 Mp camera , the upgraded version had a better 3.2 Mp camera at the back. Play almost all format. Gprs are smooth enough to browse though downloading is a headache in this type of handset. It takes almost a hour to download a 100 Mb movie with Nokia asha 301 Price is Rs 7200