Raju Mukherjee
Now 2g plans would abolish with low 3g rate from aircel prepaid who has launched their unlimited plans for both mobile and pc consumer in bihar and jharkand, the price is as low as Rs 8 for for One day while for 3 days the smae plans have to be only Rs 12 the minimum speed is said to be 3.2 Mbps and you can get atleast the broadband speed for sure with that, the price cut is quite drastic after bsnl drops its 3g rates by 40 percent, bsnl own 3g plans beat the hell their own broadband unlimited plans of 499 per month on 10 month plus 2 month free scheme.
The recent plans of 198 rupees is providing 1gb at 3.2 Mbps and their after you get a broadband speed of 128 mbps and enjoy unlimited net on the packs validity, this is a intorductory offer so how long the offer would last depend on the Aircel board of directors.
However the unlimited priviledge as present in the 2g plans of aircel for mobile prepaid users is not extended to 3g users of mobile maybe that is because they are of afraid of iphone use who would hog down their network with load of data transfer.
the plans are rupees 8 for 1 day unlimited
Rs 12 for 3 days
Rs 128 for 15 days and
Rs 198 for 30 days these plans are revised plans are upto date
With Airtel 4g plans around it would be interesting to see how the competition between the 2 and 3g goes on