Whether teenage child needs a baby sitter? The topic has all the potential to initiate an open debate. Well, it is a well accepted truth that kids in their adolescent phase are more prone to involve in to a self- destructive behavior.  Teens are especially susceptible to indulgence in alcoholic activities, stealing, violence and reckless sex drives, if left alone for long spell. Even specialists, who deal in adolescent development, have time and again stated their firm believes that it is not at a good idea to leave your teen alone more than a week in any case. Infect, regular seclusion even for a few hours is not healthy at all for growing teens. So question arises what parents need to ensure the safety of their teenager. Is hiring a baby sitter is the last option in their absence?

Well, here is another view point, if you can’t leave your child alone owing to safety measures then here is a news flash. Over- supervising a teen can cause substantially negative implications. So, it is utmost essential to   respect the privacy of your kid to an extent. You can escape the areas which are not pertaining to safety, like do not read their mails or search their stuff like an FBI agents. Instead you can opt for security installations like cellphone spy. It is software which allows viewing the SMS remotely, and virtually imparting you the access to call records, emails and location of suspect phone. An average modern age teenager cannot bear his/her life without a cell phone. So rather than triggering a debate whether the teenage should have or have not a cell phone, buy them the best one. But, do not forget to secretly install the spy software so you can live a life with peace of mind.

  Give your teenagers the freedom to make their decision, but retain your right to intervene in their when they are not up to their best behavior.  A teen should allow having a hair-cut of his/her choice. Moreover, there should be no object in choosing a dress that your kid is longing for. But, if your teen demonstrate any immoral behavior including offensive language or violence then you must not waste a single minute to step in their life. So, it is quite essential to guard your teen so you can keep a tab on his/her activities. Hiring a babysitting can only be a temporary solution. You need to find a solution so you can monitor your kid, still not invading their private life.
If you observe that your teen son or daughter is deliberating hiding certain thing from your sight, then do not go harsh on them, rather look around the ways to exert the actual picture. Market is flooded with multitudes of security mechanism. Explore the one that suits you the best from the rest. Remember nothing can replace the love and support that you bestow on your young teen, but your job as a guardian is to ensure that your loved teen should not become the part of any criminal activity. Teenage is transition period of your teen, be there with them so they never feel left out. And, you can become proud parent of your precious teenager.