The old fashioned game Doom and Doom 2 hell on earth series which has been banned in Germany has been lifted after seventeen as the gamewhich  was considered a threat to young generation now considered safe as scientific considered as artistic and for scientific interest after seventeen years..Doom series game was launched back in 94 in the eight and sixteen big game platform which then caught up with playstation and other gaming platform and become very populer as the company released modified and followup series for next level consoles. Doom 2 is a first person shooter game with mild violence, theough the violence is much low as compare to God of War series a brutal game where there is head slashing blood horror is everywhere. Still the German pulled a bann on the game series, It was restricted as it reflected nazis to some extend. The bann of doom series finally expired on august 31st after a meeting of federal official who represented harmful media for young persons. The Bundesprufstelle after an appeal by  the game software company Bethesda software. The game is solely considered Bloody sadistic. Some member still believe that the game doom is still suited for the yound germans and should not be
open to the public