tatadocomo 3g estick

TATA DOCOMO 3G  e stick is also among the rising interest in the 3g sector. Though the docomo 3g donot offers something that is not already offered that is , something out of ordinary. Beside the expensive price rate which was expected to be cheaper as docomo is already famous for…but it is really disapointing to see nothing being offered cheap in 3g section. Why some one would switch to docomo when good 3g plans when other decent networks are available at same price choosing docomo donot make sense. Anyway coming back to topic. First with
feaure and specification tata docomo e stick
Enhance Signal strength and recive diversity(rx)
support HSUPA HSDPA WCDMG GPRS EGGE 3G technology
UPTO 32GB USB device SUPPORT Allows international roaming
size-76 by 24.5 by 10
usb 2.0 support
Currently 3 dashing e stick of Tata is available to choose from range starts from 1499 to 2899 rupees. Speed vary from product to product that is you get 3.2 to 7.6 mpbs depending on the device and plan you choose. Tata is well known for its Tata photon plus usb modem which is available at Rs 2690. Which not only provide superior internet experience it also saves you from wire jungle to set up a broadband.
The plans are as listed below.

DOCOMO 3G PLAN Rs 1000/_
 unlimited plan with 30 day validity where you get 3.6 mbps for ist 5 GB then for next 10 gb you get speed at 128 kbps and beyond that at 10kbps.

Rs 1250/_ unlimited tata docomo 3g e stick plans 
with 30 days validity and speed upto 3.6 MBPS for 10GB beyond that and upto 20 GB @128 KBPS.
Rs 1500 tata docomo 3g  e stick plans offer a speed of 7.2 mbps upto 5 gb where as Rs 1750 plan at the same 7.2 mbps gives you 10gb of download limit at above speed thereafter speed drops to first 144kbps and then 10kbps.
 tatat docomo 3g  e stick plans Rs 2000 offer 21.1 mbps upto 15 gb all plan have 30 days validity. Currently docomo usb cards comes at Rs1999 and Rs4000 with preloaded plans You can always get a better hand if you follow the ads in the screen

My personal experience and tata docomo network review worst in customer care unless you are high paying customer. They never answer email i got one of my sim one way and it never made two way inspite of twice submission all document and even talk with regional officer nothing changed. Still want to go for it?
tata docomo free romingI remember bsnl launch Rs 888 plan where user get free unlimited calls from and to bsnl network roaming within 30 days. Docomo only had free up sms like others that also at andhra pradesh,tamil nadu and karnataka that also you have to pay for first 3 sms so where is the Free juice i donot understand perticularly when you are paying Rs 5 rental daily. Its wiser to pay switch to a local sim.